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Our development company specializes in delivering cutting-edge AI solutions tailored to your business needs.

Ai Development Services

Turn your futuristic ideas into reality with our comprehensive AI development services. At Jerrax, we specialize in crafting tailored AI solutions to meet your unique business needs and objectives. Our seasoned team of developers collaborates closely with you, from ideation to implementation, ensuring that your AI solutions align with your brand identity and optimize operational efficiency.

Achieve Tangible Business Outcomes
Through AI Software Development Services

Natural Language
Processing (NLP)

Utilize natural language processing tools such as GPT-3 to classify documents, analyze sentiment in text blocks, summarize reports, and answer questions.

AI Chatbot Development

Utilize our AI application development services to create advanced generative AI tools like ChatGPT, Mid Journey, and Dall-E. Automate customer service requests for industry-leading efficiency.

Predictive Analysis

Leverage our artificial intelligence services to identify and address customer preferences and dislikes, thereby optimizing business efficiency by promptly resolving issues as they emerge.

Computer Vision

Our AI software development services streamline the management and analysis of visual data from various devices, enabling customer-centric solutions tailored to your needs.

Machine Learning

Leveraging PyTorch and TensorFlow, our AI solutions enable autonomous learning from data, resulting in personalized customer solutions, efficient logistics, and accurate forecasting, diversifying your portfolio.

Neural Networks

As a top artificial intelligence services provider, we replicate human thinking to unveil patterns in data sets, aiding in predicting future events and uncovering latent value in information.

Our Development Process


We analyze your business objectives and translate them into technical documentation.

Kick Off

We assemble a suitable team for your project, with the designer crafting the initial prototype of your Ai software project.


Developers construct your chatbot while you review progress every two weeks. Once complete, your Ai software project is deployed.


Following deployment, our team assigns QA experts to address bugs and offer ongoing customer support.

Software Testing Strategy

Tech Stack We Use to Deliver

Top-Notch AI Services

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