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Backed by a team of seasoned experts, we meticulously ensure that every aspect of your application meets the highest standards of excellence.

Software Quality Assurance

Beyond just detecting and fixing bugs, our tailored approach to QA empowers your development process. By identifying potential issues early on and streamlining workflows, we not only enhance the reliability of your software but also accelerate time-to-market. Partnering with us means more than just impeccable quality assurance – it means maximizing efficiency, minimizing risks, and ultimately, achieving your business objectives with confidence.

Quality Assurance Services

QA Outsourcing

Outsource your quality assurance to Jerrax for expert management and cost-effective solutions. Boost your brand and bottom line with our specialized expertise, tailored to deliver desired outcomes efficiently.

Automation Testing

We enable achieving top-notch quality swiftly. Our tailored test automation strategies elevate software reliability, detecting bugs and defects early in development for enhanced quality and reliability.

Manual Testing

Offering manual testing services for software, prioritising its essential role alongside automation. Our meticulous manual testing, by developers, ensures quality before automated testing.

System Testing

Offering system test or integration testing to ensure applications meet technical, business, and functional requirements. We assess how different components interact and perform tasks to ensure seamless functionality.

Performance Testing

With our shift-left approach, we catch issues early in the SDLC, ensuring reliable system performance. Our seasoned engineers bring experience and technology-agnostic testing services to the table.

Security Testing

Jerrax conducts thorough security testing to uncover system vulnerabilities, safeguarding data from potential intruders. Our meticulous approach protects your company's reputation by preventing data security issues.

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Software Testing Types & Techniques

Static Testing

Static Testing identifies software defects without executing the code, allowing for early issue detection and improved software quality.

Dynamic Testing

Dynamic testing assesses software by executing its code, a process that can be performed manually or automatically.

Software Testing Strategy

Analysis and Planning

The process initiates with a meticulous comprehension of the client's objectives.

Current State Evaluation

Evaluate the client's current IT infrastructure, systems, and processes.

Implementation and Execution

Implement the project plan, which could include the deployment of new software, hardware, or IT processes.

Low-Code Development

We streamline web app development with visual tools and pre-built components, reducing coding to save time and costs, while focusing on innovation and scalability.

Evaluation and Maintenance

Evaluate the outcomes of the implemented solutions in comparison to the predefined objectives.

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