From immersive gameplay mechanics to stunning visual experiences, we push boundaries to deliver unparalleled gaming adventures.

Game Development Services

Utilizing cutting-edge Artificial Intelligence (AI), our game developers create immersive environments elevating gaming experiences. With certified experts, we bring your video game projects to fruition, whether new concepts or revamps. By integrating industry trends, we ensure your game stays engaging and relevant.

Video Game Development Services

Jerrax’s video game software developers specialize in full-motion animation, coding 2D & 3D graphic designs, and modeling & rendering animations.

Video Game Software

Our team excels in Unreal Engine, CRYENGINE, Unity 3D/5.0, Maya, Houdini,  Javascript, HTML5, C/C++ and more, for top-tier animation.

Video Game Animation Software

Developers use leading gaming engines to model, texture, render, rig, & animate assets, crafting immersive gaming simulations and animations with realism.

2D & 3D Gaming Software

Design custom 2D & 3D graphics, animations, and high-quality isometric games with original storylines, levels, characters, physics, logic, and sound effects.

Motion Capture Software

Develop full-motion video capture (mo-cap), BVH files, gesture recognition software, embedded sensors, and camera functionalities.

Gaming For All Screens

We specialize in crafting games tailored for every screen. Our diverse expertise ensures that players can enjoy our games seamlessly across various platforms, delivering immersive experiences regardless of the screen size or device.

Web Gaming

Mobile Gaming

VR Gaming

Watch Gaming

TV Gaming


From Idea To Release

We craft games with innovative perspectives, bringing your ambitious ideas to life in fully realized gaming experiences, with a dedicated focus on creativity and quality.

Cross-Platform Development

Experience our comprehensive cross-platform development expertise, covering PC, Mac, Web, Mobile, VR, and AR. No matter the platform, our team delivers seamless and immersive experiences

2D/3D Models And Animation

Specializing in high-quality 2D/3D models and animations, we excel in designing and optimizing pipelines for cost-effective and high-performing 3D model creation.

Experience In A Variety Of Game Genres

With extensive experience spanning various genres and complexities, our team excels in game development, ranging from hyper-casual mobile games to intricate MMO RPGs designed for PC.

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